Deregistering Vehicles is a Collection Centre, Deregistration of Vehicles and Spare Parts, a pioneer in its sector, we process the collection, definitive deregistration and consecutive decontamination process of vehicles, connecting the needs of our users with the scrap yards that best adapt to requirements in a simple way and without any charge to you.

Why should I use

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Reason 1 Our services.

Reason 2 Agility in our procedures.

Reason 3 Area covered by our services.

Reason 4 Professionalism.

Reason 5 Free of charge.

Reason 6 Security and commitment.

We only work with C.A.T.

In we only work with authorized scrap yards or Authorized Treatment Facilities (C.A.T.), as we understand the importance of the vehicles going through the process of decontamination and recycling as stipulated by law.

The C.A.T.'s that work with have certificates at their disposal that guarantee them as Authorized Treatment Facilities and they fulfill the current environmental regulations.

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