Deregistering Vehicles
We are vehicle appraisal
specialists, we offer the best value
We collect and deregister NO CHARGES.

If you want your vehicle, your car, which is either written off or with a mechanical breakdown, appraised, just fill in this simple form with your contact details and information about your car and in the course of no more than 72 hours you will receive a valuation.

We will also undertake to do all the necessary paperwork to deregister the vehicle as well as the collection and transfer of the vehicle without any charges to you.

Request an offer for your damaged car. The appraisal will be faster and more exact if you fill in all the fields

* Fields marked are required.

* Fields marked are required.

If you don't have any photo right now you can skip this step, you will be able to send images using Whatsapp o email.

Finally, describe the vehicle condition. Exterior, interior, failures...

* Fields marked are required.

(*) Sending photos will facilitate the appraisal process. If you do not have the photographs yet, you can send them later via this same mail or by post. [email protected]

(*) The images of the damage are essential to carry out the appraisal.

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