Deregistering Vehicles
If your car is over
10 years old
If your car is less than 10 years old
or had an accident

When do you definitively deregister a car?

  • When the car is more than 10 years old from the date of its first registration and is continually breaking down.
  • When it has been involved in an accident and the cost of reparation is higher than the owner wants to pay.
  • When it has been declared a write off by the insurance company.

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The current law states a fine has to be paid if you abandon your car on a public highway, so deregistration is an obligation.

In we collect your car at no cost at all to you to take it to the Authorized Treatment Facility (C.A.T) where the necessary paperwork will be handled in Tráfico (Traffic dept.) to provide you with the Certificate Of Destruction which is necessary to deregister the car.

When the requiered documents have been transferred to the C.A.T offices the data communication deregistering of the vehicle with the D.G.T (Traffic dept.) will be processed.

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